Hitler’s Canary – a great adventure book based on the lives of brave people in WW2


This was a tale of great bravery and adventure, written by television comedian Sandi Toksvig and based on the real life experiences of her grandfather growing up in wartime Denmark. 10 year old Bamse’s interesting life with an actress mother and stagehand/artist father is turned upside down when the Germans occupy his city and the life of his best friend Anton becomes threatened. His older brother starts to act oddly, his sister dates a German soldier and then to top it all off, his Nazi sympathising uncle comes to live with them.

Bamse’s adventures become more exciting and serious as the story unfolds, and it is even more interesting to read when you think that this was actually happening to people across Denmark. Here is a link from the BBC which tells the story of how thousands of Jewish people managed to escape the Nazis in WW2.

I would recommend this book to children in years 5-8 who love adventure and excitement and are interested in real life events from history.



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