Julia Donaldson, David Walliams and a new soon-to-be favourite, Emer Stamp.

This week in the library we enjoyed some books which are new to our library but by two authors that are big favourites already, and another that I’m sure will be popular.


We all love Julia Donaldson’s picture books – they rhyme so wonderfully and are full of brave, kind and clever characters. The Gruffalo is the one we know the best, but we also love the Snail and the Whale, Tabby McTat, Sharing a Shell, and many more which we have in the library. This week we shared The Scarecrow’s Wedding, in which the beautiful Betty O’Barley and her dear friend Harry O’Hay set about finding everything they need for their wedding. When Harry is delayed on the search, is the smooth talking Reginald Rake going to take his place at Betty’s side? Read it and find out!


David Walliams has written a book about a group of children staying in the rather unpleasant children’s ward in a large hospital. There is Tom with a sore head, Amber with two broken legs and two broken arms, Robyn, who pushes her around in her wheelchair, has had an eye operation and can’t see anything, George likes food and has had his tonsils out, and finally poor old Sally is too sick to go on any of the adventures but could have input at crucial times. They are the Midnight Gang because only in the middle of the night when their mean nurse is fast asleep can they get out of bed and have some fun. This is a great action packed adventure story from one of our favourite authors.


Finally here are a new set of of extremely funny Top Secret Diaries of Pig, a set of three books by Emer Stamp. Pig loves his farmer, Mr Sandal, who feeds him yummy slops, calls him Sausage and loves him more the fatter he gets. Pig also has a best friend Duck who makes up great games for them both to play (we read about a particularly rude game in library time this week), and another friend, Cow. Pig, Duck and Cow make each other laugh and look out for each other. Pig doesn’t like Hens because Hens are Evil. Find out more by reading one of these books. They really are laugh-out-loud funny that everyone will enjoy.


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