The Thing about Jellyfish – great new book in the library


When I read Wonder for the first time I couldn’t stop thinking about it for quite a long time afterwards and this book had the same effect on me. The Kids’ Lit Quiz man, who has read every children’s book ever written, talked about this as a Must Read so luckily I had already ordered this and it arrived the same day!

Suzy’s friend has died suddenly and because she no longer sees the point of small talk she decides not to talk at all, to anybody. We discover that she actually lost her best friend some time ago, to the challenges of fitting in at middle school, and Suzy’s account of this painful transition is heart breaking. Weaving through this and the counselling sessions that her parents have set up to help her start talking again is her science project in which she means to disprove that her friend just drowned and could more than likely have been stung by a jellyfish.

Like Wonder, which has not enjoyed any shelf time since we talked about it early in the term, I feel everyone should read this before they leave primary school and I will be sharing this book with the 5-8s in the library this week.

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