These holidays I was mostly reading … John Green books

Quentin Jacobsen, known to his friends as Q, has loved Margot Spiegelman for just about his whole life. Margot is out of his league, so when in the middle of the night she taps on his window and asks him to be his partner in crime for some pretty risky revenge pranks he really just can’t say no. After an exhilarating night and Margot is nowhere to be found, Q finds some subtle clues to what may have happened to her and they seem to have been left just for him.

This funny and moving book will appeal to boys and girls in year 7 and 8.

An Abundance of Katherines was OK but Looking for Alaska was my favourite John Green book from the holidays, really funny and I think will appeal to boys particularly. I felt it was more suitable for high school though, year 9 or even 10.

Commonsense media is a website which reviews books and films and helps to give an idea about which age group they are suitable for. This is a really useful guide for teachers, librarians, parents and students because books are given a recommended age rating both by parents and children. It is often interesting that parents will rate a book as being for younger children than the children themselves do. Click on the link below and search for a book you are thinking of reading or buying for a child to get another opinion.

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