Some recommended reads by great book reviewers

On our blog there are direct links to some book reviewers who spend a lot of time reading children’s books and telling us which ones are worth reading.

Look to the right of this post – you will see two that we subscribe to

Bob’s Books Blog and My Best Friends are Books

You can browse these blogs by clicking on a theme in the wordclouds and that will take you to a list of books that they have reviewed about a particular topic. I receive an email every time they review a book and they help me choose books to buy for our library. I have been sharing these books in the library this week, new books bought because they got such good reviews.

What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Welford – Bob’s Books says it is one of the funniest and most interesting children’s novels he has read for some time and once you start you will not put it down:

The combination of an on-line purchase of a Chinese remedy and a sunbed cause Ethel to become invisible. She is however only invisible when naked. She panics of course and has various absurd situations that will crack you up.

Poor Ethel is dealing with bullies who find her acne a great source of humour, a new friend who everyone else dislikes (as did she until she got to know him) and a family mystery that makes her old old Great Gran call her Tiger Pussy! What?! A great book for around year 6-8.

Scar Island by Dan Gemeinhart – another excellent book for years 6-8. Jonathan Grisby has been sent to Slabhenge Reformatory School for Troubled Boys – not the best place to go and stay for a while as you can imagine. The place is full of young offenders and we don’t know why Jonathan has been sent there until much later in the book, but he is certainly very ashamed of himself and feels he deserves his place there. The adults who run it are cruel and gruesome and I have to say I found the first few chapters to be a quite uncomfortable read. An odd event causes the boys to take control of the island and things go from bad to worse for Jonathan. Here’s what My Best Friends are Books says about it:

Scar Island is like Holes and Lord of the Flies rolled in to one. It is one of those books you just don’t want to put down. When you’re not reading it you’re wondering what will happen next. It’s an adventure story and a survival story with a dash of darkness.  It’s an immersive story too because you can feel and smell the damp, cold fortress, hear the click of the rats scurrying paws and feel the fear and dread of these boys who are trapped.


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