Celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter

On 26th June 1997, the first 500 copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone were released into the world. Since then, more than 450 million copies of Harry Potter books have been sold, translated into 79 languages.  Harry Potter and the many amazing characters that appear alongside are beloved by their fans young and old.

Did you know there are huge Fandoms for Harry Potter – great online places for fans to indulge themselves, find out more about the characters, be sorted into a house, try out new spells or read about the latest Wizarding news. Try one of them here:

Harry Potter books are a great choice for children to read for many reasons:

  • they are filled with a  rich word choice to build vocabulary
  • the writing builds an exciting plot so well that you just want to keep reading and reading
  • the stories offer superb life lessons, like accepting differences, acknowledging courage and loyalty, the power of friendships, people aren’t perfect
  • there are some fantastic female role models, like Hermione, Luna, Mrs Weasley
  • you enter a fantastical, magical world of adventure which ignites imagination

Enjoy Harry Potter, always.


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