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New books galore in the library!

Last week we found out that Seatoun School had won the Wellington City Libraries Summer Reading Challenge, with 27 of our students reading books and entering the competition online. We received $500 of book vouchers to buy books for the … Continue reading

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Books for inquisitive minds!!!

For the start of term we have been sharing some of the books I read over the holidays and some new books that we have in our library. This series by Andrea Beaty is all about children who don’t mind … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Challenge – start now!!!!!

Wellington City Libraries’ Summer Reading Challenge was launched on 1st December and we can get involved at Seatoun School to aim to have the most books read and reviewed as a school across the whole of Wellington! There are prizes … Continue reading

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Room 4’s Monsters under Bridges

Children in Room 4 have cleverly combined ideas from these two beautiful books to create their very scary and occasionally disturbing monsters under bridges stories. Have a read of some of their fine stories: Once a long time ago in … Continue reading

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Parent resources in the library

Thanks to FOSS we have a growing collection of books for parents around the often tricky subject of parenting. These books can be found on display in the foyer at school or in the library. Anyone can borrow them, just … Continue reading

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Can we build a bridge for 21 elephants?

Rooms 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 have been learning a lot about bridges this term, and together we found out about how one of the most famous bridges in the world, the Brooklyn Bridge, was tested to prove to doubters that it … Continue reading

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Competition launched to celebrate Wonder film

This is the new edition of one of our library favourites Wonder, the story of a boy with facial differences who has been unable to attend school until 5th grade. Despite warm family backing, Auggie finds the going tough until … Continue reading

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Tales of True Grit and Survival against the odds

WOULD HAVE THE  TO  This is the question we can ask ourselves when reading some of the books on our survival display in the library. Over the holidays I read Bear Gryll’s True Grit in which he tells the real … Continue reading

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Bee Aware Month for Enviro Team

Imagine a world without strawberries, kiwifruit, apples, nuts, coffee, chocolate or even denim jeans. These are all foods and products pollinated by honey bees. Bees around the world and especially in New Zealand cannot survive without our help, and in … Continue reading

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The ancient and magnificent Baobab Tree

During Term 3 in the library the juniors have been reading a variety of books about Africa and we have created our own African Savannah for the children to decorate with some of the animals that live there. Some of … Continue reading

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