Research Help

Hover over and click on images on this page to find links to some excellent sources of information. There are also some great websites to help you find images and information to help you with your research projects.

As an Enviro School we take matters conservation very seriously! For current links to Enviro information have a look at our Livebinder by clicking the lovely picture below. This is where we put new links to current topics:

NZ Geographic has an online version that you can search – you have access at school, or with the password at home. Ask Mrs Bamber or your teacher for it. Click on the cover below to read this month’s issue – all about glaciers, prehistoric birds and virtual travel:

Click below to find a collection of online resources about the Wahine Disaster which we have commemorated the 50th anniversary of this year:

New Zealand specific websites:

This is a site you can search about all kinds of events in our history. Try clicking on it – it will take you to a whole set of stories and images about the Wahine Disaster of 1968. You can also use the search box at the top.


An incredible collection of stories and images from Aotearoa New Zealand

Britannica School databases are an excellent source of quality information, plus videos, images and further links. Seatoun School students and staff have free access to this database through the National Library of New Zealand and at school you have a direct link. You are able to use this link at home but you will need to ask Mrs Bamber for the password. We are not allowed to publish this online or then everybody would use it!


This link is great for students in years 1-6



This is great for years 7 and 8

The National Library of New Zealand works very hard to find links to amazing resources grouped by topics which they know our schools are interested in. If you click on the image below you will be taken to their new Topic Explorer research support website – this selection is about Heroes. You can choose from the list as you scroll down the page.

For inquiry topics about historical events and people both in New Zealand and abroad, the newspapers of the time are an excellent source of information. Papers Past is a digital store of newspapers, letters and journals going back right to the time of the early settlers. Their easy search page can be found by clicking on the link below

For science fair project ideas you could try the Science Buddies website which has a questionnaire to help you narrow down your area of interest.


Carrot 2 – a search engine that sorts out the results into categories to help you choose the right one.




Kiddle – a safe search engine that gives visual results.






Any Questions, Many Answers

Any Questions Many Answers is a service run by librarians from all over the country. If you need help you can click on this image and first of all see if your question has been covered by other people already, in Many Answers. This site and its content is currently being moved from one site to another. While it is under maintenence, use this link if you want to search through their previous answers. Have a look through the topics to see if you can find the pathway to the answer your need. If you are stuck, try the Any Questions link and a librarian will link up with you to help you out.

Click on one of these images below to find a huge range of information about people, science or just about anything. You will only need our password if you want to access these databases away from school.


anzrc_button_200x100 This database gives you access to loads of Australian and New Zealand journals and newspapers – this is mainly for year 7/8s looking for research information.

This is basically an online science book which puts some tricky science concepts into language we can understand. I find the best way to search it is to use the A-Z Index.