For Parents

Here we will place links to sites we hope you will find informative. This is currently being worked on, but for starters here’s the link to Common Sense Media – a great site to find out if other children and parents found a book or film appropriate for their age.

Parent Resources in the library
FOSS has donated funds to create a library of resources for parents and this is growing all the time. You can search the library catalogue very simply by clicking on this link which will take you to the search screen:

Here you can click on Quick Lists and select FOSS Parent Resources and you will see what we have available for loan or to reserve. It is also very worthwhile checking Wellington City Libraries EBook collection as they have most of our resources downloadable to a device. By downloading their free Overdrive app from the appstore you can borrow resources very easily. Click on the link here to find out how easy it is, or you can come into the school library or your local branch library and ask for help.